Maple Hill Campsites

Photographs from our Campsites

Rainbow over the campsite entrance
The Campsite entrance after rain.
Campsite Entrance
Entrance to Maple Hill.
Porch Registration Table
The registration table on our front porch.
Porch Message board
The message board for the registration table.
The red bath house at Maple Hill
The bath house is conveniently located in the center of the campground.
A swingset in a clearing in the woods.
The swingset is located near the bath house.
A deer across a field
If you look closely, you can find deer around the campsites regularly!
A deer feeds in a field.
The deer are shy around here, though they still like the fields.
A sunset scene over the mountains at Maple Hill
The sunsets at Maple Hill are gorgeous from any view, but this particular one was from the top of the campsites; a prime viewing area.

The Wooded Sites

A sunny campsite in the woods
A wooded campsite with picnic table
This site is located near the bath house, and is a regular favorite among campers.
An unoccopied campsite with rock wall and picnic table in the spring
Tent in a wooded campsite
Tents in a clear area surrounded by trees.
A sunny, forested campsite with picnic table.

The Field Sites

A view of the field from the entrance
A view of our field from the campsite entrance.
A campsite surrounded by summer fields
Field campsites

Some views of the Campsites in Winter

A frozen book running through the woods
Evergreens over the snowy field sites
The field sites in winter.
Great Pyrenees in the snowy woods
The family dog wonders why the person has stopped to take a photograph when there is more wandering to be done.

Maple Hill Campsites

Maple Hill Campsites
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